‘I’m nothing like Maki’ – Linda Sebezo on her dark new role

PHOTO: Linda Sebezo  Instagram
PHOTO: Linda Sebezo Instagram

Linda Sebezo has viewers eating from the palm of her hands with her role on Mzansi Magic’s Lockdown.

The veteran actress plays the character of Maki Magwaza , terrifyingly powerful inmate – who is out to kill.

We caught up with her to hear more about her role.

Are you enjoying your role on Lockdown?

“The role is very challenging because it is very different from the roles I have been playing. I wanted to nail this role and prove a point since I’ve always played roles of being someone’s mother. When I found out that I would be playing an inmate, I was very happy and I am enjoying the role.”

Playing tough-as-nails Maki must be challenging – how do you make it look so easy?

“I began my acting career back in 1980 as a theatre actress so transitioning from being a theatre guru to being on TV is like juggling a soccer ball to me. I think I make it look easy because I love acting and I have been doing it for years.”

Did you have to shadow a certain prisoner in order to get into character?

“Since I stay close to SunCity, I decided to go visit the prison and speak to some of the inmates and wardens to find out how things are done inside. I also mixed that with some of my emotions.”

Are there any similarities between you and Maki?

“Not at all. Linda is a very sweet person who is Christian and very bubbly while Maki is a very angry person who is passionate about avenging her enemies.”

What do you enjoy most about playing Maki?

“I enjoy the fact that Maki’s character challenges me and always keeps me on my toes.  The role also reminds me of my late father who used to be a gangster who would often find himself on the wrong side of the law.”

You have played so many fascinating characters! Which did you love playing the most and why?

“Sharon D and Maki Magwaza because they both have such different energies. Sharon D is extremely energetic while Maki Magwaza has a subtle nature that is associated with so much inner power.

Having to be as extreme as Sharon and then to come back down to earth for Maki’s character is fun. I think I like playing Sharon D more because people from the townships can relate to her more.”