Jamie Foxx set to legally fight woman who accused him of sexual harassment

Jamie Foxx (PHOTO: Gallo images/ Getty images)
Jamie Foxx (PHOTO: Gallo images/ Getty images)

Cape Town - A woman has accused Jamie Foxx, real name Eric Marlon Bishop, for slapping her with his penis 16 years ago.

According to reports by TMZ, the incident allegedly took place during a party at the 50-year-old singer’s home.

The accuser told police that Jamie Foxx had slapped her with his penis after she refused to perform oral sex on him.

According to the Daily Mail, Jamie Foxx’s attorney said that the singer denies the accusations and is filing a claim with the authorities against the woman for filing a false police report against him.

"Jamie Foxx emphatically denies that this incident ever occurred," she told the publication.

"The first time [Jamie] became aware of this woman's absurd claims about an incident that supposedly occurred 16 years ago was when TMZ contacted his representatives [Tuesday] about this story," she also told TMZ.

According to reports, the accuser who only reported the matter to the police recently, was inspired by the #MeToo movement campaign that saw a number of celebrities share their stories of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.