John Legend takes first swimming class at 40

John Legend (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo)
John Legend (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo)

Cape Town - Although John Legend enjoys going on beach vacations with his family, the singer revealed that he “can’t really swim.”

Taking to Twitter to make the revelation, the father-of-two said that he took his first swimming lesson since he was 5 on Monday.

“I can't really swim. Today I took my first swim lesson since I was like 5,” he wrote.

And according to the 40-year-old, learning to swim at a late age is something that runs in his family.

“My dad learned in his 60's so I feel like I'm ahead of schedule.”

But it seems that the All of Me singer is determined to stop the ‘family tradition’, after revealing that his children, 2-year-old Luna and 8-month-old Miles , had already started their swimming lessons.

A lot of fans encouraged the singer on his new journey and some thanked him for sharing this with them, as they were going through the same thing.

According to BBC News, a lot of adults are afraid to swim because of many reasons such as having bad experiences as a child, to not liking the smell of chlorine.

Speaking to the publication, sports psychologist, Helen Davis said that anxiety is one of the things people have to overcome when learning to swim.

“Lots of people focus on the uncertainty when learning to swim, which really inflames those anxieties. It's important to overcome that through thinking processes, and using your inner dialogue - think about how you have overcome something difficult before and succeeded.”

Other celebrities who recently learnt how to swim include actor Will Smith as well as Sandra Bullock.