Junior De Rocka under fire for ‘falsely’ accusing a man of racism

Junior De Rocka (PHOTO: Junior De Rocka Instagram)
Junior De Rocka (PHOTO: Junior De Rocka Instagram)

Junior De Rocka found himself in hot water this weekend after “falsely” accusing a man of racism. 

The DJ took to Twitter to post a video where he and his friends can be heard bickering and swearing at a man after he allegedly called the group “black c*nts”.

#ThingsILearnedToAccept – We just got treated like shit and called ‘black cunts are fucking late’,” he wrote before urging his followers to retweet the video.

“Please RT this and make sure this guy trends for being racist to young black guys. He’s Bruce for Head Out Quad Rentals – 0824933377 RT RT RT.”

According to the Been Thinking hitmaker, the man who works for a quad-biking company had acted racist towards the DJ and his friends after they’d arrived an hour late for their quad-bike session.

After watching the video and not seeing anything wrong with the man’s actions, tweeps were not impressed with Junior and refused to retweet the video, instead accusing him of being in the wrong for attacking the man.

In an attempt to explain the situation to those who criticised him, Junior posted another video, this time on Instagram, where he further claims he’d asked his agent to reschedule his riding time as he was out drinking with his friends and wouldn’t be able to be on time.

“Last night our agent asked us, ‘Are you guys going to arrive on time, will you be able to be there?’, we were like, ‘No we’re out, we’re drinking. So we not going to be there early so rather book it later’.”

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