Khanyi Mbau on what her recent birthday really meant to her

PIC: Khanyi Mbau Instagram Page
PIC: Khanyi Mbau Instagram Page

Media personality Khanyi Mbau recently celebrated her 32nd birthday with close friends and family in Cape Town. The star tells DRUM more about her surprise special day.

You chose to celebrate your birthday in Cape Town this year, why so?

I had no clue I was having a party – it was all a surprise.

Wow! Then what are the three most unforgettable moments of the surprise bash?

* Seeing my dad there, he flew to Cape Town just for me as he’s such a busy man. 
* My older sister, Thandeka, I hardly see her anymore. 
* The fact my boyfriend pulled this off.

What do birthdays mean to you?

Birthdays are just another day for me – I fuss on everyone else’s birthdays but fail to celebrate my own. This was so much for me, truly overwhelming.

Which gift you got is your fave?

The gift of my guests’ time. I’m a very busy person and know how there’s just no time. But they made the time for me. And I appreciate that more than anything. 

Best and worst birthday ever and why?

The past few years haven't been so great because it’s either I was alone in a different city for work or at home alone. But every time Edwardputs effort into my day it’s always the best. I also realise the older I get that family means the world to me.