Lasizwe reaches 1 million views on YouTube

Lasizwe (Getty/Gallo Images)
Lasizwe (Getty/Gallo Images)

Although social-media sensation Lasizwe Dambuza has worked his way up to becoming a hot commodity in the entertainment industry, the 20-year-old has not abandoned his humble YouTube beginnings and is now reaping the awards.

Taking to social media, the viral sensation announced his milestone of reaching 1 million views on YouTube and thanked his fans for the support.

“I have no word to explain how I feel right now! We literally did it! We reached a million views on YouTube! To my fans and supporters I appreciate you sooooooo much and love you so much! In Lasizwe’s voice “ OHHH MY GAWD WOW!!! [sic],” he wrote.

Speaking to The Juice in 2017, Lasizwe revealed how he opted to create funny skits on YouTube in an attempt to break into showbiz after being rejected at many auditions.

“That’s why I took matters into my own hands and decided to make the videos,” he explained, adding that he was turned down for roles because he looked younger than he actually was.

Congratulations, Lasizwe!