Lootlove announces that she is pregnant with twins

Loot love (PHOTO: Loot love Instagram)
Loot love (PHOTO: Loot love Instagram)

Johannesburg - Lootlove has just revealed that she is pregnant – with twins!

Taking to her Instagram account to share the exciting news, the 29-year-old TV and Radio personality made the announcement with a picture of her growing baby bump and a lengthy caption.

“It’s a phenomenal time to be me. God and my ancestors came together for me and blessed me with something so wonderful! I’m pregnant! I won’t lie! I’m shoooook! Haha! [sic]” she wrote.

“I always thought I was cool and now to find out that I’m having twins makes me even cooler!  I am carrying Hip and Hop. This is the most beautiful time of my life. Most precious. The scariest and the most exciting. I’m completely vulnerable and sensitive. I’m excited! I’m nervous but all that goes away when I feel weird little “gas bubbles” which I now know are little kicks because I’m carrying life. A reminder of the miracle and wonder that is God, [sic]”



The first-time mommy-to-be also explained why she had been silent with her pregnancy.

“The most important thing for me has been protecting my family, my persons family, his beautiful children and respecting tradition, [sic]” continued the TV star.

“My silence has had everything to do with making sure that everyone who matters has their moment with this, that they feel everything, from shock to happiness to curiosity to excitement, ALL OF IT, Alone, Without the rest of the country pitching in, hounding them/adding commentary/calling or harassing them etc.  It’s a beautiful time, it’s a sacred time, it’s OUR time. [sic]

And of course she concluded the post with a warning to those who may feel the urge to touch her baby bump, saying: “P.S If you see me in the streets, please don’t touch my tummy... I will punch you in the throat!  K thanks byeeeee. [sic]”

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Take a look at the beaming mom-to-be’s full announcement below: