Masechaba Ndlovu opens about being abused at 9-years-old

Masechaba Ndlovu (PHOTO: Drum)
Masechaba Ndlovu (PHOTO: Drum)

Mashechaba Ndlovu has opened up about being molested when she was just nine years old.

During an interview with Mac G on his podcast and chill YouTube show, the former radio presenter opened up about the abuse which was inflicted by her stepfather.

“My first sexual encounter was with my stepdad, unfortunately,” she said about the abuse.

“I was nine and he molested me. When my mother (was not there), we were in the States. My mom left me with him... as we think it is acceptable to leave a child with her father... Uhm, for two-three days he held me hostage and he basically sexually abused me”.

She also spoke out about how the experience changed the way she saw men.

“After that, I wanted nothing to do with men, for a long time but I healed from that and I've learned that it's not about genders, it's about people, it's about criminals... Which is why I've always been against the #menaretrash movement.

I've been beaten, I've been sexually abused and I've had everything you can imagine happen to me except death,” Masechaba said.

Masechaba also revealed that once she got older she was involved in a relation with a man who beat her. Detailing the breakup, she revealed that after she left him, she laid a charge and got a restraining order against her former partner but it wasn’t an easy decision to make because “I was crazy about this guy”.

“It’s never easy and I understand,” she says about walking away from an abusive relationship.

“Every day for years I wanted to pick up the phone and every single day I dreamt about him and I missed him. You don’t stop loving someone just because they beat you but you have to be strong. You cannot tolerate abuse”.

Macechaba is twice divorced but has a great relationship with her ex-husbands.