Maumela Mahuwa on Sindi Dlathu's Muvhango exit, her new music and more

PIC: Supplied (Tembisa On Record)
PIC: Supplied (Tembisa On Record)

Muvhango actress and singer Maumela Mahuwa who recently released her new single, African Thing this past week had a quick chat with DRUM on how she really feels about her fellow actress Sindi Dlathu leaving popular SABC 2 show Muvhango.

And she gave us the deets on her upcoming album and her dream role.

Last week when we heard that Sindi Dlathu who plays Thandaza on Muvhango is leaving the show, we were gobsmacked. When you received the news, what did you think?

I was shocked and in denial. I actually thought it was some kind of joke.

We can only imagine, because you and Sindi have worked together for over a decadenow. Naturally she had become more than just another colleague...

Yes, but after all the shock and us (her Muvhango family) wanting to keep her we realise and understand that sometimes people need to change and grow.

And that is what Sindi is doing, but it still hurts that she is leaving.

You have been with the show for 15 years and we have seen your character Susan grow in front of the television screens. What has being on the show done for you personally?

It has made me grow and mature. I have been able to learn from the role and it has helped me grow as a woman and a person. I even use the references I learn from Susan's journey for my women's seminars.

I do seminars for married women and I am not married, and I am able to do that because I have played that character.

So, you have acted in a lot of stage productions and have delivered the role of Susan beautifully over the years. Is there a role you still want to do?

Yes! I want to play a villain. I have played a good and great person but I want to stretch myself and play a villain one day. 

And now you have your new single African Thing


Let's talk a little bit about it! What inspired that song?

The song is about celebrating being African and things Africa stands for. I mean I am an African so I love and embrace being African.

What people don’t know is that you are currently in studio, when is the new album out?

We don't have a date yet. We are not putting pressure on ourselves as a team but the release will be maybe early in the new year.

So I watched your video for Yaweh, and it was done superbly. Your other videos are also done quite well. How do you get it right, because at times videos are not well executed.

Well thank you for that. When it comes to videos we plan and take our time, myself and the team to ensure what we want to communicate and then that that's shown in the video.

Like with Yaweh for example we wanted to show all the beauty of God and that's how it came about.

Maumela, thank you so much for your time! 

Thank you for the chat!


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