‘My mom’s death brings back the wound of losing Prosper’ — Tina Dlangwana

PHOTO: Tina Dlangwana Instagram
PHOTO: Tina Dlangwana Instagram

Her mom, Ntombizifikile (64), was given a dignified send off by friends and family at the burial in the Eastern Cape a couple of weeks ago.

But since the funeral songbird Tina admits she’s felt herself slip into depression.

“The funeral went well and people supported me,” she says.

“It’s just that I’m not okay. I’ve been in and out of the doctor’s… it’s the depression of everything that’s just happened.

“I’m still numb. The passing of mom brings back the wound of my late husband, Prosper Mkwaiwa [who died unexpectedly in February 2015].

I was trying to move on from my husband death and this happens. I was married for years to that man, and mom was my buddy.”

Tina says industry friends reached out to her during this difficult time. “Mshoza and Winnie Khumalo were very supportive.

Songbird Nokwazi Dalmini was there for me. There’s also TK and a whole host of people. They were there for me. Some sent messages.”

The family is still awaiting the results of the post-mortem, she says.

“They are still investigating.

They did conduct the autopsy but they haven’t told us what happened. But we know she was killed. The police say they are still investigating.”

In a recent heart-rending interview, Tina told DRUM that her mom met a brutal end.

“Her still body was found at her house in Ciskei. It looks like she was strangled. Her lower body’s intact but her upper body had begun to decompose. Her upper body was rotten. Also, she was found naked. My mom’s never slept naked. I’m going to miss mom! She was my rock.”  

Tina says she’s been trying to get through this dark time by keeping herself busy.

“I have to work, I have to push. If I don’t work I’ll go crazy. I have bills to pay.”

Tina says the incident won’t stop her from attending the upcoming Kwaito Awards this weekend where she’s been nominated for Best Kwaito Female artist.

“Sometimes you just have to forget about yourself. We chose this life.”