Nasty C slams older generation for bad parenting: 'Ya’ll responsible for this sh*t'

PHOTO: Gallo images/ Getty images
PHOTO: Gallo images/ Getty images

Cape Town - It is no secret that social media has become a toxic space where people are constantly cyber bullied, envious of others or pressured into living a certain lifestyle - and rapper Nasty C puts all the blame on the older generation.

Taking to Twitter to blow off some steam, the Strings and Bling rapper expressed his views on how the older generation was the cause of the increasing rates of suicides among the youth and how the situation cannot be rectified.

"Generation before mine let their kids bully others on the internet & push them to committing suicide. Generation before mine made up excuses for not being on social media even if it meant leaving their kids on here against a bunch of hateful ppl & no guidance/ protection," he began before explaining how "bad the older generation is at parenting."

"Generation before mine thinks small talk in the car otw to dropping their kids off is being in their kids lives. Generation before mine acts like they don’t know that the internet is a huge part of their kids’ lives. The streets is a huge part of their kids lives."