Pearl Thusi defends her DJ Zinhle over skin bleaching accusations

Pearl Thusi (PHOTO:Getty/Gallo)
Pearl Thusi (PHOTO:Getty/Gallo)

Thanks to Twitter, yesterday we knew what our favorite celebrities looked like 10 years ago after they shared their throwback snaps under the hashtag #2008vs2018.

The hashtags #2008vs2018 and #HowHardDidAgeHitYou were trending on Sunday night and Mzansi celebs joined in on the fun by posting snaps of themselves from 10 years ago next to more recent pics to show how much they’ve changed (or not) over the years.

Just like anyone else local DJ, DJ Zinhle also joined in the fun and shared a throw back from 10 years ago with a more recent picture of her and her Best Friend, Pearl Thusi. Pearl quoted the tweet and said she is glowing, “GLOW UP !!!!!!!!!”, the actress tweeted.

Many local celebrities including DJ Zinhle have been accused of skin bleaching, and this time it happened when one of the tweeps pointed out how DJ Zinhle looks lighter now compared to how she looked 10 years ago.

Pearl Thusi – who was also recently involved in a heated Twar with Lasizwe over a song Beyoncé chose to put in a video that she shared of her memories from her time in South Africa during the Global Citizen festival –  couldn’t keep her fingers off the keyboard and clapped back at tweeps who accused her friend of skin bleaching.

The Actress and television personality clapped back and commented on a tweet sent by a troll and said, “No. Glow up ke mmao.” (Glow up is your mother)

She further clapped back at other tweeps who commented on her tweet and called her childish, calling some the trolls ‘ugly’.