Prince Kaybee clears the air on the alleged beef between him and TNS

Prince Kaybee. (Photo: Prince Kaybee Twitter)
Prince Kaybee. (Photo: Prince Kaybee Twitter)

He is the nerdy-looking 18-year-old featured on Prince Kaybee’s December hits Club Controller and Banomoya.

Troy Nkazimulo Sthembiso Ngema also known as TNS says he is not just responsible for the vocals on the songs but he created the hits.

His only concern is that Prince Kaybee is allegedly not giving him the recognition he deserves as a producer and the brains behind the songs.

“Prince Kaybee and I are cool. He is a big brother and role model but I feel sidelined and in his shadow when I'm the one who made the songs,” says TNS.The Mandeni born producer and singer has been making music since he was seven-years-old and when he was in Grade 11, he had already produced 100 songs. 

Club Controller was one of the songs that he produced in 2017 that got leaked and was being played by DJs across the country and he got shocked when Prince Kaybee allegedly called him to try and buy the song.

“I knew Prince Kaybee as a role model and famous producer who was capable of making hits of his own. But I gave him a chance because other established DJs offered me peanuts for the track,” says TNS. 

“One well-known guy offered me R1800 and another R2000,” he says. 

But he and Prince Kaybee agreed to go 50/50 on the song. 

“I was broke as hell but I told him that I don’t want money; I want what he wants and that is to be successful. And we agreed to go half on everything,” he says. 

“But when you look at the credits at radio stations, none of the songs I made for him have my name on them,” he says. 

TNS says the same issue arose after the release of Banomoya featuring Busiswa and TNS. 

“People say the song belongs to Prince Kaybee and Busiswa but it’s mine. I made that song,” he says. 

“I spoke to Prince Kaybee about the matter and he told me to humble myself, I’m a nobody,” he says.

“You know at some point, things became really bad that I wasn’t even allowed at gigs where Prince Kaybee and Zanda Zakuza were performing Club Controller. I would watch them perform through the window while bouncers threw me out because I didn’t have money to go inside the venue,” he says. 

But TNS says he doesn’t have beef with Prince Kaybee.

“I respect the groetman, he gave me an opportunity when I had nothing. All I’m asking for is credit for my hard work. I’m not desperate for fame. I have 150 other tracks waiting to be released,” he says. 

His current single My Dali is on high rotation at radio stations across the country and he will be releasing his full album in March.

Speaking to Drum Prince Kaybee says he has no beef with TNS.

“He and I had an agreement and he knows that the song now belongs to me now,” he says.  The Welkom DJ says he never exploited TNS. 

“How do I beef with an 18-year-old?” he asks.

“TNS‘s name is on the song and he will get the royalties due to him,” he says. 

“But he also needs to understand that he is still an upcoming artist and people will get used to his name and his face in the future. The reason people recognize me and Busiswa more because we are already established, and they know we have worked together in the past,” he says. 

“TNS just needs to put in more work and his name won’t disappear in the credits,” he adds.