Prince Kaybee pulls a bizarre PR stunt

PHOTO: Prince Kaybee Instagram
PHOTO: Prince Kaybee Instagram

Public relations stunts seem to be the way to go for most celebrities these days.

If it’s not “leaked” videos or “missing” USB sticks, it’s wedding rumours and weird tweets about mothers who check their grown-up kids’ genitals.

Kabelo Motsamai aka Prince Kaybee caused a frenzy on Twitter yesterday when he tweeted that his mother said his penis was dark because he was over-using it.

And in true Twitter style, people responded to the tweet (which has since been removed) with all types of memes questioning his relationship with his mother.

The DJ didn’t stop there, he also went on to post a deep message about love that received a lot of retweets. Turns out this was to hype up his new single, Kao Rata, featuring Thulz.

Check out these reactions after the PR stunt reveal.