'She cheated on me' – Mshoza's fiancé burns her clothes

PHOTO: Qhama Dayile
PHOTO: Qhama Dayile

Cape Town - It has been barely six months since KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) businessman Thuthukani Mvula paid lobola for his new bride, kwaito music singer Nomasonto ‘Mshoza’ Maswanyayi and already there is trouble in paradise.

The star has allegedly been thrown out of their home in Bergville, KZN.

A close source has revealed that Mshoza is in hiding, is scared for her life and is unwilling to give any comment right now out of fear.

In a series of now deleted Facebook updates Thuthukani posted a picture of Mshoza captioned, “Ngakutshela ngathi uzothi uyafeba ngikubambe bese ngikushaya nge red card. Bengilukhu ngikubuka nje ukuthi sewudlala ama offside futhi uyanginkatsha.” (I told you that if I catch you cheating, I will give you a red card. I have been watching you and have seen that you have been playing on the offside).”

In the following update, he says he does not care about a woman's beauty but he wants respect.

Thuthukani has also burnt the singer’s clothes in a bonfire he made outside his home in Bergville saying, “Zenziwa nje izimpahla zikanondindwa.” (This is what you do with sl**’ clothes).

Speaking to DRUM, Thuthukani says the Kwaito star has allegedly been seeing her police officer boyfriend since February 2018.

“I caught her red handed; I saw her text messages to the detective boyfriend and I followed her while she was visiting him in QwaQwa.”

An angry Thuthukani says he invested more than a R1 million in the stars music alone and says: “Clothes are nothing compared to the money I spent on her,” he says.

“I respected her, I made her a wife, paid lobola, loved her and she made me stupid, cheating with her detective boyfriend.” He added that he even helped the singer win a tender and he is waiting for his share of the money.

“She spent the money with her policeman,” he said emotionally.

Thuthukani also shared with DRUM messages from Nomasonto to her alleged boyfriend where she is requesting money. “Uphisane nge ndunu (She gave away her a**) after everything I have done for her."

He later posted Facebook saying "We express pain in different ways, some kill, some cry, some commit suicide, some vanishes[sic]"

This morning he also posted,"When your partner starts wanting your friends."

A week ago DRUM had reported that Thuthukani’s mother had moved out of the home where he lived with Nomasonto, Thuthukani and her two children in Bergville due to disagreements.