Six-year-old Blue Ivy has her own stylist and personal shopper

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Cape Town - Bey’s firstborn, Blue Ivy, has already made a name for herself as the It girl in fashion, it seems.

The adorable and stylish six-year-old recently wore a custom wig to her grandmother Tina Knowles Lawson’s Wearable Art Gala. The young fashionista also wore a custom made white suit by Valery Kovalska to the 2018 Grammys. And according to, ‘while most girls her age have their mothers to thank for their outfits, Blue Ivy has someone on payroll.’ And the future heir to the Carter dynasty owes it all to her stylist, Manuel Mendez for putting together her in high-fashion ensembles.

Mendez has also worked as Beyoncé’s personal assistant and it wasn’t until Thursday that fans found out that he was the man behind Blue Ivy’s look. He is also Blue Ivy’s personal shopper, often taking to Instagram to show off his work and love for the Carter family.  

Besides Instagram, not much else is known about Mendez who got in touch with the Carters through agency, Parkwood Entertainment. And with the Carters making a point of being private, we doubt we’ll know anything anytime soon.

Check out Mendez’s posts below:

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