Skeem Saam's Makgofe Moagi on her journey to motherhood after giving birth to twins

Makgofe Moagi. (photo: Makgofe Moagi instagram)
Makgofe Moagi. (photo: Makgofe Moagi instagram)

When she revealed her baby bump for the first time on social media last month, her fans and followers were so delighted that her account was flooded with congratulatory messages for weeks. But she has another surprise lined up – she already gave birth to twins weeks ago.

Skeem Saam’s Makgofe Moagi, who plays Charity Ramabu, is good at keeping secrets because she was taught not to “run her mouth” as it might delay her blessings. Now that her bundles of joy have arrived, she’s ready to tell the world. She hasn’t been a regular feature on the SABC 1 drama series for months now, but it was only because she was pregnant.

“Yes, I am now a mother of four,” she proudly tells Move!. She had twins - a boy, Caydena and a girl, Gabriella. “I already call her Beyoncé, she is the only girl in the house,” she laughs.


She might be on social media, but she says she is very careful about what she lets her followers in on. This is a rule she was raised to live by. “When you want to show the world something, show them the finished product. Sometimes talking too much about your personal life to people delays your breakthrough. Don’t run your mouth, let God do what He needs to do,” Makgofe says.

This is why she never talks about her partner too – she’s fiercely protective of her privacy. Another reason was that during her pregnancy, she was put on bed rest and she wasn’t about to push herself too hard or stress too much.


Her pregnancy was a pleasant surprise, especially conceiving twins at the age of 39. “I never thought I would have children. I have had five cysts removed and suffered from a bad case of endometriosis (when tissue that lines the uterus grows on other pelvic organs such as the ovaries or fallopian tubes),” she tells Move!.

While in high school in Phalaborwa, she would experience an unbearable pain every month when her period cycle came. “At times I would even not attend school for days, that’s how bad it was. My periods were heavy and painful,” she says. Her mother Maria Moagi, with whom she has a very close relationship, was able to get the necessary help she needed at a young age. This is how she could have her first child Sasha (14) and her second Mogau Caleb (10) a few years later.

She is now passionate about women’s reproductive health and gives talks about endometriosis and infertility. “There are women suffering silently with it,” she says. She thought about it a lot during her pregnancy which is why she recently posted, “Children are a blessing and they come in their own time. You cannot force God or ancestors. Be kind women. You don’t know their story.” She was referring to women who are often expected to have children by a certain age. If they don’t, they are made to feel worthless. Her post resonated with so many that her inbox was flooded.

“Some thanked me for talking about it because it’s something they are going through. Others said ‘my in-laws are actually encouraging my husband to cheat’. Sometimes it’s not the woman who has the problem but the man and that’s something that not talked about. To women struggling to conceive or are praying As a mother of three boys and a girl, she says this is it.

“No more children for me please. I want my six-pack back,” she adds. Being a mother is the most precious gift to her and when she gets home, she’s just a regular mom. “I have been in the industry for years now, but I’m still grounded. That’s simply how I was raised. That’s why my children are my biggest project at the moment. I look forward to fulfilling my responsibility to mould them, teach them principles.”


Now that she has gotten used to the sleepless nights, she’s ready to get back on set being Charity. “It’s very interesting to see what they’re going to make her do next,” she says. Charity was initially the innocent and decent character until she had an affair with someone’s husband, John Maputla, played by Africa Tsoai in 2017. This didn’t go down well with viewers.

In fact, Makgofe almost got assaulted by women at a mall. But she shrugs it off, saying it comes with the territory. She admits though that it was interesting to engage in such controversial conversations. “Our society is so patriarchal. It doesn’t seem to matter what the man does. Men get away with a lot.” She has been playing Charity for over five years. Her mother is even now called ‘Mama Charity’ in the neighbourhood.

“I’m looking forward to the next storyline,” she says. “Charity will be faced with the gift of prophecy. I can’t wait to execute it and viewers are going to love it.” for something, God’s timing is the best. But don’t just pray, consult, get professional help too,” she adds.


Makgofe wanted another child and would obsessively think about it. But she had to wait for the right time – God’s time, she says. “We wanted to expand the family but we didn’t know how God would bless us. You know when you want something so bad that you always think about it? But the moment I stopped worrying about it, that’s when it happened,” she says.

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