Skolopad on buying her daughter a car for passing grade 11

Skolopad (PHOTO:Getty/Gallo)
Skolopad (PHOTO:Getty/Gallo)

Cape Town - Nonhlanhla Qwabe popularly known as Skolopad recently surprised her 18-year-old daughter with a car as an early Christmas gift and in celebration of making it to grade 12.

Amohelang who is Skolopad’s only child, was completely surprised when she arrived at the dealership and was handed a set of car keys for her new wheels.

“She was so happy and excited, she couldn’t believe the car was hers,” said Skolopad speaking to Drum.

“I told her that now this is your responsibility and this car is not for boys.”


The local entertainer who was involved in a tragic car accident earlier this year said that she decided to get her daughter a car because she loves to drive and as a token of her appreciation,

“I didn’t know what to get her that would make her happy because she’s been through a lot this year, from losing her father in January to having to support me after my accident,” explained the nurse.

“I just wanted to get her something that would make her happy and she loves driving so I thought, well why not a car.”

Skolopad who opened up about losing confidence following the scars she has as a result of her accident added that she was very proud of her daughter.

“As a mother I am so proud of her especially because she has no child. When I was in matric I had a child but she doesn’t…” said Skolopad speaking about her daughter.

“You know how teenagers are these days but to me Amohelang is such a sweet and well-behaved child. She’s supported me so much especially this year after my accident”

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The popular local entertainer who said that she is due to return to work in a week, also revealed that she was recovering quite well after being discharged from hospital but was still struggling to walk.

“I have completed my physiotherapy lessons at the hospital but while I am at home I still do have practice sessions with my daughter based on the set of exercises that have been prescribed to me.”