Slikour shares heart-warming message to wife

Slikour (PHOTO: Gallo/Getty)
Slikour (PHOTO: Gallo/Getty)

Cape Town - South African celebrities have been showing us that 'tis the season for love – if they’re not getting married, expecting little bundles of joys or renewing their vows, they’re celebrating their wedding anniversaries.

Rapper and businessman, Slikour, is one of them. He and his wife of a year, Melissa, celebrated their first wedding anniversary recently and Slikour couldn’t help but pour out his heart for her on Instagram.

In a long, heartfelt caption, Slikour expressed how love and marriage has made him a better version of who he is:

“As boys we fascinated by how much money or how many luxury cars or material things others have. You then get married and your fascination becomes of something money can’t buy.....time. When you hear other people say they’ve been married for 20 to 30 years you look to them with so much fascination and respect for that time. Marriage doesn’t kill our dreams, love or innocence nor does it remove the challenges, temptations, distractions, complacency or any of our sins. Ironically it puts them all on a spotlight and it’s a path to confront our strengths and weaknesses with someone who has the time and faith to see you find the best version of yourself in the journey of life, with love being in the middle of it,” he wrote.

In the latter part of his love letter, he addressed his wife and best friend with the sweetest words:

“So @melissa_iam my friend, my love it’s only a year of us supporting each other to be the best version of ourselves. As long as life wakes us up every morning it will be a life time task, i don’t only ask for time but the love to be constantly in between us in this journey of highs and lows. Happy First Anniversary and blessings to more time and love.”

So romantic!