Thembi Seete on her first Mother’s Day: ‘You were worth the wait’

Thembi Seete (PHOTO: Thembi Seete Instagram)
Thembi Seete (PHOTO: Thembi Seete Instagram)

Cape Town - This has to be the best kept celebrity pregnancy after Kylie Jenner’s baby reveal.

Thembi Seete revealed that she is now a mother in an Instagram post that really left us all shook.

“My First Mother’s Day, I Approach[sic] this day with so much gratitude,” she wrote in a caption.

“I’m still in awe that God trusted me to carry and take care of his masterpiece. Honestly, there couldn’t have been a better time for God to grant me the most precious gift of my life.”

She also added that she had to be present enough to live in every moment with her child.

“From carrying you for 9 months to giving birth and watching you grow into your own person and learning who God has created you to be on a daily basis,” she continued.

Thembi Seete was suspected to be pregnant earlier this year but in an interview with DRUM she  said she could neither confirm nor deny the rumours.

"In my culture we don't share information about the baby until it is born. The time will come when I am ready to share, but for now, let's just say 2018 is going to be an eventful year for me,” she said.

Well, we suppose the cat is finally out of the bag on what was her first Mother’s Day.

Her friend and fellow actress Terry Pheto also dedicated a post to the new mother.

Thembi has not yet shared pictures of her newborn.