WATCH: Meek Mill speaks to Trevor Noah about his time in prison

Meek Mill. (Photo: Meek Mill Instagram)
Meek Mill. (Photo: Meek Mill Instagram)

Cape Town - US rapper Meek Mill appeared on Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show on Tuesday night and spoke about his personal experience of being in prison.

According to Spin , although the Amen hit-maker promoted his new album during the interview, his main focus was America’s unfair sentencing and how it makes it easy for people on bail or probation to find themselves in prison again although they have not committed any crime.

Eight months after being released from prison, the rapper has now become an advocate for prison reform and has been using his platform to bring awareness to the struggles men of colour face in the justice system, reports Hot New Hip Hop.

In 2017, the rapper was sentenced to 2-4 years for violating his 2009 parole with two arrests for fighting and reckless driving. Prior to that, Meek Mill had been on parole since 2009 after his continuous arrests for drug and weapon possession.

Shortly after his arrest last year, a number of celebrities, friends and fans showed support for the 31-year-old by ridiculing the unjust justice system under the hashtag #FreeMeekMill.

In a short clip shared by The Daily Show, Meek Mill can be heard discussing what prison is like, 

“…It’s (prison’s) really like a mental institution. A lot of people are addicts and went to prison for probation violations ‘cause they was addicted to opioids, marijuana , cocaine and they are put in prisons,” he says before explaining that people with addictions should go to rehab and not to prisons.

The rapper also spoke about how traumatic prison can be and said “hearing men scream” makes people who went to prison for the smallest thing not recover from such experiences.

Watch the clip below: