Watch: Michael B Jordan shuts down journalist asking him to do the Wakanda salute

PHOTO; Getty/Gallo Images

The Wakanda salute has been making waves around the internet months after Black Panther hit cinemas. So much so, that Chadwick Boseman was caught looking rather fatigued by having to do the salute so much.

Chadwick posed with a bunch of teenagers with a look of dismay all over his face last month. And now the salute is in the news once again – this time with Michael B Jordan shutting down a journalist for asking him to do it besides the fact his character (Erik Killmonger) isn’t from Wakanda.

The salute has now become synonymous with a worldwide sense of black pride, according to BET. However, it’s meant for the natives of the fictional land of Wakanda, a place Killmonger isn’t actually from.

This didn’t stop the interviewer from claiming she’d watched the record-breaking film then awkwardly asked Michael to do the salute. The actor clapped back with, “So, you saw the movie now, right?” he asked. The journalist quickly reached in to dab the 31-year-old star  before gesturing for Michael to do the salute with her.

This seemingly annoyed Michael, who was clearly stressed, and he shook his head then said, “I ain't from Wakanda.”

To date, Black Panther has made a whopping $1 341 379,495 (R16,7 billion), and is the 10th highest grossing film of all time.

Check out MBJ’s reaction below.