WATCH: These local parents imitated their influencer kids – and it was hilarious!

(PHOTO: Screenshot from video)
(PHOTO: Screenshot from video)

The world of YouTube and Instagram is one most older people find hard to understand, especially if their children have made a career out of it.

These local parents, however, tried to put themselves in their Insta-famous children’s shoes and made videos imitating them – and it was hilarious!

Twitter user, Lufuno Vhengane started the trend by posting a video, her parents sent to her while on vacation.

In the video, Lufuno’s father is holding the phone and recording a selfie video with his wife.

“I’m with my wife here and we’re having fun. So, I’ve decided to be an influencer, I want o influence people to follow me,” he says while his wife laughs in the background. When his wife turns in the wrong direction, he calls her back and says, “You see I’ve already started influencing because my wife didn’t know which way to go and I did,” he continued.