WATCH: Will Smith on how he met Michael Jackson in a closet

PHOTO: Gallo images/ Getty images
PHOTO: Gallo images/ Getty images

Cape Town - Will Smith is officially one of the most entertaining celebrities on social media right now – and this story about how he met the King of Pop proves it.

On his YouTube page, the 49-year-old shared a story about how he met Michael Jackson in a closet, of all places.

“The first and only time I met Michael Jackson was at the BET awards, and I had wanted to meet him my whole life,” he begins.

He recalls how he was about to present an award when he saw the pop legend singer across the stage and got excited that he might finally meet him. Just then, according to Will, a frenzy started because of Suge Knight and everyone, including him were taken backstage by security.

After taking him across the room and leading him through the chaos, Will says that the security eventually threw him into a dodgy utility closet.

“They were like mops and interrogation light bops swinging at the top and I’m standing there with my head up against the door and I’m listening to people running and screaming and all of that stuff and I’m thinking this is crazy, Suge is a lunatic,” he continued.

It wasn’t long before Will realised that he was not alone in the closet.

“I hear, 'Hey,'...and I turn around and Michael Jackson is behind me in the closet," he said.

In the video Will does a world class impersonation of Michael as he tells the story of how they talked about comic books even though Will Smith knew nothing about comic books.

However to his disappointment, Michael’s security rushed back into the room and took him away.

Luckily someone took a picture of him and the King of Pop so he has proof of his brief moment with him.

Suge Knight is currently in jail, awaiting trial for murder and attempted murder.