Why Amber Rose is frustrated with the #MeToo campaign

PHOTO: Gallo images/ Getty images
PHOTO: Gallo images/ Getty images

While most people are participating and supporting the #MeToo movement that aims to give women the power to stand up against their predators, model Amber Rose has pointed out some of the gaps in the movement.

According to BET , the 34-year-old appeared on The Raw Word with Michael Eric Dyson and Claudia Jordan and called the #MeToo movement “frustrating”.

During the interview Amber explained that the movement had become too mainstream as it excluded particular groups of people in society.

“It's kind of frustrating to me because all of a sudden, feminism became such a mainstream thing now that white – no shade – white, rich actresses start coming out saying, ‘Me too, me too’,” she said. “But what happened to all of us?”

The former stripper then also said no one wanted to talk about strippers, the LGBTQ community and black girls in college.

“What happened to the strippers, the LGBTQ community and the black girls in college?” she asked. “Nobody wanted to talk about these people.”

It isn’t the first time the mom of one has spoken about the lack of representation. According to reports by Fuse TV, Amber had spoken about how she was rejected by some female celebs when trying to talk about victim blaming and rape in Hollywood.

“Maybe because I used to be a stripper, or maybe because I'm extremely outspoken. But they didn't want to help me, and now I see them at the Golden Globes and they're wearing black and all of a sudden they're feminists. But I'm still not invited, I still don't get any help from anyone because I don't just advocate for Hollywood starlets,” she told Paper Magazine.

“I advocate for the strippers and the porn stars and the gay boyswho get raped all the time. Transexuals, all of the people who are forgotten, they're all at my SlutWalk. So it just becomes frustrating to me because, now all of a sudden, all of the women who are in $20-million movies are coming out and now everybody wants to help. They forgot about the regular people like us.”

The SlutWalk organiser also touched on how black female actresses weren’t paid as much as white actresses.