Why Proverb and Liesl Laurie are BaeGoals

PIC: Instagram
PIC: Instagram

After months of claiming they were just friends to anyone who asked, Proverb and former Miss SA girlfriend Liesel Laurie finally admitted that they were dating and since clearing the air, the pair has never held back on sharing their love for each other with us. From their Baecation pictures to red carpets, they have given us enough reasons to drool at their relationship and wish to be in the same love boat.

Between the two, you can count their Instagram posts where they appear together in one hand. Which is not good for the nosy birds. Their relationship is only subtly documented on their social media. But it when they share their pictures together that it becomes clear as daylight that they don’t only adore each other but they are each other’s biggest fans. On one Insta post, Proverb’s caption reads “only a true queen can make an ordinary man feel like a king”, to which Liesel responded with “My heart” accompanied by a Love emoji, giving us level 100 adoration vibes.

We love that their love seems genuine and they seem happy around each other but more than anything else,  we love that they aren’t flooding our timelines with excessive love lives here posts

By Nare Kekana