Zahara is back with a bang

PIC: Zahara Instagram Page
PIC: Zahara Instagram Page

She made waves with her previous albums Loliwe, Phendula and Country Girl, but now singer Zahara has a new music for fans to enjoy. DRUM chats to the award-winning Afro-soul sensation on her new album, leaving TS Records and what’s next for her.

Why did you branch away from TS Records?

There is absolutely no bad blood. TK and Nhlanhla Nciza are like my parents. I can explain the transition like this: you take a child to school, all the way through university and then you have to let them go and fend for themselves.

How have you been surviving after that?

I’ve have been well. God is good.

Describe your experience at Warner Music South Africa so far.

I’m treated like a Queen; they are now like family to me.

How long are you planning to stay with them?

As long as God allows.

After releasing your Loliwe album, you were quiet for a while. But then you came back with another chart topper, Phendula, and later Country Girl. What is your secret when it comes to making great music?

There is no secret. I tell a story that people have been waiting for.  I always tell a story with my music.

How is your new album, Mgodi, different from the other albums you released – what can fans expect?

My fans can expect my story. I grow and mature with each album. They can also expect features from [American saxophonist] Kirk Whalum as well as contributions by my new artist Sivuyile, who is signed under Music Lives Here Records. There are also some features from my sisters, the Mkutukana sisters.

You’ve gone gold in six hours with Mgodi, how do you feel about that?

I’m elated, so happy and so very grateful.

When it comes to leaving a legacy, what is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is not being remembered as the girl next door who changed people’s lives.

A message to your fans and other aspiring musicians . . .

Be yourself. Full stop.