Zodwa Wabantu’s reply to Dj Tira: ‘I won’t wear the panty’

PHOTO: Gallo images/ Getty images
PHOTO: Gallo images/ Getty images

Johannesburg – DJ Tira has advised Zodwa Wabantu to wear panties. Taking to Twitter on Sunday, the hit-maker posted a video of Zodwa wearing a black two piece whilst dancing – but this time she was wearing panties. The DJ said in the tweet, “I requested she wears an underwear. There is hope ??.”

Drum spoke to Zodwa to see if the Mzansi entertainer would in fact stop wearing panties and why she listened to DJ Tira. However, Zodwa tells us that that was not the case.

“When I was shooting a music video for Destruction Boyz I was wearing a white dress. Then there was an article about me,” she says. “They had a picture which I’m not sure, maybe it was photoshop, they were saying my pu*** was showing. People called Tira saying they saw it and Tira said he’ll talk to me. So I think he’s trying to talk to me.”

Zodwa and DJ Tira both gigged at Platinum Lounge in Johannesburg on Saturday night. The two hung out together before parting ways to other gigs. This was where Zodwa was seen wearing panties on stage. But she tells us that it wasn’t Tira that decided on the choice but that the type of outfit – being a two piece – had catered for her to wear underwear.

“It’s the outfit, it wanted the panty, not because Zodwa will wear the panty,” she says. And as for her wearing underwear in future?  “No no no! I think I will dress the way I want but I won’t wear the panty.”

Just as we thought Zodwa was covering up, she continued her risqué acts.

 Zodwa took to kissing a handful of lucky fans whilst on stage at the Platinum Lounge. She also posted it on Instagram, saying, “I kiss with eyes open”.

“It was beautiful, they love me,” Zodwa said on her smooches. “Oh they love me! My people are a crazy as I am. Whatever they are saying about me – it reflects to them.”  

Check out all the action below: