Zoleka Mandela remembers her daughter Zenani

PIC: Instagram
PIC: Instagram

Breast cancer survivor Zoleka Mandela recently shared a memory of her late daughter Zenani (13) who was killed by a drunk driver in 2010. The driver was arrested and later acquitted of all charges.

The When Hope Whispers author shared her sorrow with families who have lost children and loved ones due to reckless and drunk driving, especially around the festive season.

“My thoughts are not only with our children who have been tragically and senselessly killed on roads around the world but also with all who have been negatively impacted; the parents and families, who like myself – are painfully reminded each day of how the justice system has failed us,” she said in an Instagram post. “Although road casualties are preventable and are the leading cause of death in children, more than 500 children still die every day from road crashes globally. Our children deserve for their rights to be upheld, they deserve more protection on our roads and a collective or global effort from all to ensure their safety is prioritized each time they make use of it.”

In another post Zoleka said her late daughter used to love collecting feathers in the garden. “Zenani used to love collecting feathers outside for my mother and I.  I never asked her why she did that all those years, she was still with us but I get it. Sometimes I'll be leaving the house and I'll see a feather near the door or on my way to the car, that's my Zenani reminding me that she's never really left me.”

Picture: Instagram