Zoleka Mandela shares 50 shades of Grey book she gifted to Winnie Madikizela-Mandela

Zoleka Mandela (PHOTO: Gallo/Getty Images)
Zoleka Mandela (PHOTO: Gallo/Getty Images)

Johannesburg - Zoleka Mandela revealed how the Fifty Shades of Grey book bug might’ve also caught Mama Winnie at some point.

In a recent Instagram post, Zoleka shared how she found the novel Fifty Shades of Grey, while packing away her grandmother’s things.

“I was in stitches after I came across it in her bedroom. I gave her this book and insisted that she read it,” she wrote in the caption.

The Instagram post which contains collaged images of the erotic romance novel, is followed by a lengthy caption in which Zoleka describes the type of woman her late grandmother was and the "stares" she got from people each time they saw her reading the novel.

 “I remember when I asked, ‘So, Ma ... How's the book treating you?’ I smiled and winked at her, she smiled back and said, ‘Darling, I keep getting stares from people each time they see me reading it!'” Zoleka wrote jokingly.

The 38-year-old author went on to add how Winnie had purposefully written on the first page "this book belongs to my favorite granddaughter Zoleka Mandela."

“So she could always tell people that I must have left it in her room and that the book wasn't hers or something like that,” Zoleka captioned the collaged pictures of the novel which Ma Winnie had bookmarked with a brown envelope.

Zoleka has in the past not been shy to get candid about her difficulties in dealing with the loss of late struggle stalwart Mama Winnie, who she described as her "day one."

“The things that used to come out of her mouth though ... Best DAY ONE in the world, I tell you,” she concluded the caption.