5 Bread recipes that are guaranteed to keep you coming back for more

We’ve combined five bread recipes that can be prepared either in the comfort of your home or outdoors.

Warm home-made bacon bread

Try baking the potbread over the coals by following the same method using a flatbottom cast-iron pot


Pitta bread stuffed with savoury mince

We filled the pittas with savoury mince. Choose a filling that’s to your taste.


Sweet brioche bread

Brioche is a rich and light French pastry. Enjoy it with a dollop of apricot jam.


Wholesome wholegrain health bread

Grains have returned to the food scene in a big way, especially wholegrain, which is good news for your health


Homemade pretzels

Making your own pretzels takes a bit of time but it’s definitely worthwhile. This recipe makes a large batch so freeze any leftovers. Defrost and reheat.