Try these 4 made-in-Mexico recipes in the comfort of your home

1. Battered fish with tacos
You haven’t eaten Mexican food until you’ve had a taco! We made a spicy coleslaw and battered fish filling for ours.

Battered fish with tacos

2. Spicy chicken fajitas

Fajitas are Mexican style wraps.

Spicy chicken fajitas

3.  Homemade tortillas

Ready-made tortillas are extremely pricey. Make your own – you can even freeze them to use later. It’s much cheaper and tastier.

Homemade tortillas

4.  Mexican spiced chocolate mousse

To make the popular cocktail Mexican Mule, mix 500ml (2c) ginger ale, 500ml (2c) ginger beer and 60-125ml (¼-½c) tequila (or vodka) in a jug. Add a large handful of ice, a few lime wedges and 4 sprigs of mint.

Mexican spiced chocolate mousse