Will these local celeb friendships last according to their zodiac signs? We asked an astrologer!

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These celebrity best friends are either a hit or miss according to astrologer Mulekah Kabongo.
These celebrity best friends are either a hit or miss according to astrologer Mulekah Kabongo.

We love celebrities who get along well and who serve friendship goals – from DJ Zinhle and Pearl Thusi, who support each other in their careers – to Cassper Nyovest and Carpo, who show us the importance of a tight circle of besties.

But are their stars truly aligned or could it be why they’re such good matches? We ask Johannesburg-based astrologer Mulekah Kabongo whether these celeb besties will stay the course based on their zodiac signs.

She also gives us the scoop on which star signs make the perfect pair.


Zodiac signs are linked to specific elements.

  • Fire signs: Sagittarius, Leo and Aries
  • Earth signs: Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus
  • Air signs: Libra, Aquarius and Gemini
  • Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

 Fire signs are known for being passionate, dynamic and explosive. Fire can bring you great warmth and comfort or it can be a destructive volcano. According to tarot.com, they are known to bring joy and colour to any room and situation.

Earth signs are known to be wise and grounded and are associated with commitment and discipline. On the downside, they are extremely self-reliant and may seem closed off.

Air signs are born leaders who are fun, loving and sociable. But they can also be unpredictable.

Water signs are considered healing forces that bring people together. They are sensitive and emotional because they feel everything intensely, but they can also be moody.

“Knowing this, it’s super easy to see more or less which zodiac sign you can attempt to befriend,” Kabongo says.


Pearl Thusi (Taurus) and DJ Zinhle (Capricorn)

This friendship will definitely thrive, Kabongo says. Both signs are from the same element family (earth). Taurus loves everything comfortable and luxurious from food to clothes, holidays, people and home décor.

Capricorn loves to work to acquire status in life, so they can comfortably afford this lavish living.

These two are also very good at grounding themselves and not allowing emotions to overwhelm them, and communication will always flow.

These friends are goal-oriented, enjoy gifts and frequent check-ins with each other, horoscope.com agrees. This constant connection keeps them on track.

Verdict: Hit

 Thembi Seete (Aries) and Terry Pheto (Taurus)

This friendship can be quite chaotic at times (usually from the Aries’ side) so in most cases it doesn’t work out, Kabongo says. Aries is very driven, sometimes aggressive and has a fierce nature, which is a big contrast to Taurus' mellow, easygoing ways.

“They might be a sense of boredom from the Aries and the Taurus might start to feel like they have to step outside of their comfort zone too often just to keep up with the Aries,” she explains.

This incompatibility is because the signs are complete opposites of each other when it comes to personalities, askmyoracle.com explains.

Either the two won’t hit it off at all or they’ll have to work at striking a balance. 

Verdict: Miss

Busiswa (Scorpio) and Moonchild Sanelly (Scorpio)

“Although this is the same sign and from the same family, I genuinely believe a Scorpio duo can be somewhat chaotic and too intense,” Kabongo says.

“Due to Scorpio’s introverted nature and their love for calmness, they can end up attracting one another but it won't be long before it boils over and one of them decides to end the friendship.

“As much as Scorpios tend to be introverted, they are also attracted to ‘shiny’ things so they are more attracted to a Sagittarius or even an Aries in a friendship because they want someone who will encourage them to break their own boundaries.”

Scorpio friends may love to totally devote themselves to one another but any conflict between them can be intense and vindictive, astrobix.com adds.

Verdict: Miss

Cassper Nyovest (Sagittarius) and Carpo (Gemini)

This is one of the best friendship zodiac combinations, Kabongo says.

“Both are fun, spontaneous, love the thrills life has to offer and are very witty and intelligent. There will be a mutual love/interest in freedom as well, so this won't be the type of friendship that’s together 24/7. But when they do meet up, they'll paint the city red.”

Gemini and Sagittarius form a strong, deep friendship, astrobix.com says. They understand each other very well and are both vivacious and energetic. Problems between them will occur very rarely.

Verdict: Hit

Zola Nombona (Pisces) and Busisiwe Mtshali (Leo)

This duo usually doesn’t work out because Leos tend to be quite self-obsessed and Pisces needs to feel appreciated, seen and cared for, Kabongo says.

“It’s often a one-sided friendship, with Pisces always being the one to work on the relationship. However, if this is an evolved Leo, then it can work,” she adds.

A Leo and a Pisces are entirely different in character, astrobix.com says. But if they take care to satisfy each other’s wants and desires, they could have a productive partnership.

Verdict: Miss

Unathi Nkayi (Scorpio) and Somizi Mhlongo (Capricorn)

“This is a really good duo. Both love their own space but they still value quality time with loved ones,” Kabongo says. “Both signs tend to be fairly mature individuals, so there's an equal sense of comfort and knowing oneself that kills external expectations.”

A friendship between a Scorpio and a Capricorn can be very healthy and durable, i.thehoroscope.co says, because there’s a lot of respect between them.

Verdict: Hit

Thando Thabethe (Gemini) and Mantsoe Pout (Taurus)

These two signs usually have a safe and mutual understanding of each other's energies, Kabongo says.

“Both have an innate love for comfort and life. Geminis tend to be more childish, but Taurus’ nurturing and calm nature can definitely handle it.”

The friendship between these two is never boring, says i.thehoroscope.co, because they both need stimulation and even when fighting, they turn into even more exciting characters.

Verdict: Hit


Mulekah Kabongo suggests the following star sign pairings as the most compatible friendships.

 Aquarius and Sagittarius

These make the best friendship duo, she says. An Aquarius is innovative, free-thinking and open-minded, which combines well with Sagittarius’ thrill for life, adventure and larger-than-life outlook.

Cancer and Capricorn

Apart from being “sister signs”, Cancer’s nurturing and affectionate nature can really complement Capricorn’s traditional, overachiever tendencies.

Cancer will remind Capricorn it's okay to take things less seriously sometimes and to focus on things that really matter in life. Just like Capricorn will help Cancer move outside of their shell/comfort zone and really chase their dreams.

These two are unmatched. They both have a heightened sense of intuition, drive and intensity that can persuade anyone to do what they ask of them.

Leo and Sagittarius

This is my other personal favourite combination. Leo’s grandiose habits and love for everything beautiful and lavish really complements Sagittarius’ larger-than-life attitude and love for thrills. Both know exactly what loyalty means and the term “ride or die” was invented for them.

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