Twitter pokes fun at Cape Town crisis

PHOTO: Getty Images
PHOTO: Getty Images

The Western Cape has a water crisis and if it doesn’t rain soon the province’s water supply could run dry by the beginning of April.

Premier Helen Zille said that Day Zero – when the taps will be turned off, currently scheduled for 12 April – has become a possibility more than a probability.

The tourism sector will also be affected as both local and international travellers are already cancelling trips to the province because of the uncertainties around its water supply.

The Cape Town Tourism CEO, Enver Duminy told the African News Agency that prospective visitors have questions regarding the water crisis.

“As long as there is uncertainty about the water crisis, there will be an impact.”

But Black Twitter always turns a serious issue into a joke and they weighed in on the issue by participating in the #HeyCapeTownChallenge. Check out some of their tweets here:

Of course some people aren’t finding the challenge funny at all. What do you think?

In a media statement, the minister of water and sanitation, Nomvula Mokonyane said the City of Cape Town is still not achieving the target of 500 megalitres per day.

“Urgency is required in assisting the City of Cape Town to avert #DayZero through increases public awareness and enforcement of compliance with water use restrictions in order to stretch the available water resources and minimize the possibility of #DayZero.”