I lost my baby after he beat me" – A Move! reader shares her story

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Woman sad looking down (PHOTO:GETTY IMAGES)
Woman sad looking down (PHOTO:GETTY IMAGES)

I met at a petrol station. He was supportive, sweet, understanding, protective and thoughtful He was all these things before he became abusive, before he hurt me in the worst possible way. Now, it has been about three months since I lost our baby after he beat me badly. I did not know I was pregnant; I never had the chance to feel excited.

I found out that I was expecting only after I was admitted to hospital due to the beating, I got from him. He beat me because I caught him between the sheets with a friend. The beating was so bad I was in hospital for a few days.

My ex-fiancé became an animal the day he paid lobola. According to him, he bought me that day and I became his property. It’s been three months of sorrow and pain, three months of battling with memories of how we used to be.

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