Political analysts weigh in on Makhosi Khoza's 'new party'

Makhosi Khoza (Gallo images/Getty images)
Makhosi Khoza (Gallo images/Getty images)

Johannesburg - Makhosi Khoza’s plans to head a merger of various local political parties to contest the 2019 general elections nationally might be too ambitious.

These are the views of some political analysts.  The former ANC MP told News24 that, in the coming weeks, she’ll announce the coming together of existing parties and disgruntled former members of the ANC, DA and EFF.

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In September Khoza resigned from what she called a "corrupt and alien" ANC. She and her family have been the subject of multiple death threats since April for publicly calling for President Jacob Zuma’s resignation, as well as for her parliamentary work. In the media she’d been reported as saying she’s been approached by various individuals with leading a new "political front”.

"I'm not establishing a new party. We are merging existing political parties that have contested elections at local government level," she told News24.

"We want to create something that is new. We also have a number of former members of the DA, ANC and the EFF, and we are merging this thing together. It is new technically, but it's also not new."

Some of the civil bodies and local parties who have backed her include the Forum for Service Delivery, who have 26 councillors in municipalities across the North West, and the United Front of Civics.


But there’s doubt Khoza can be a serious challenge in the 2019 national elections.  

However, political analyst Ralph Mathekga said there’s a space for someone like her to form a party because the present parties don’t fill the gap in SA politics.   

Mathekga said in SA new parties don’t really do well in challenging the status quo. “The question is how different is she going to do it?”  

But he added that there are many prominent people who are likely to join her, including some ANC members who might be in the losing faction in the upcoming ANC elective conference and   disgruntled DA and EFF members.

Another political analyst, Somadoda Fikeni, was blunt about Khoza’s plan: “I think it’s an ambitious claim. Given the current situation I can’t imagine a new party in SA. She has a good profile but it’s very difficult so start a new party.”

Adding his weight to these views, head of the political economy faculty at the Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection Mcebisi Ndletyana acknowledges Khoza’s good work in parliament and for not sugar-coating her honest views on unscrupulous actions by other politicians and officials.

“She has credibility but going to elections requires too many things: it requires a party, supporters, money, time and dedication – I’m not sure she has that. Unless she can gunner that leading up to 2019, I doubt it.”