Transgender man gets a fully functional penis thanks to historic surgery

Doctors performing surgery (PHOTO: Gallo images/ Getty images)
Doctors performing surgery (PHOTO: Gallo images/ Getty images)

From the tender age of six, Elijah Stephens knew that although he was born a female, he was a man – not a woman.

According to BET, during his 14-hour operation, surgeons removed tissue from Elijah’s forearm to create a penis and scrotum. “In order for Stephens to have a penis, doctors took the sensory nerves of the forearm tissue and attached it to the sensory nerves of the clitoris. His scrotum was constructed from labia tissue.”

Elijah told NJ Advance Media, "I was overjoyed ... everything was perfect"

It took him some getting used to though, because he wasn’t used to having male genitals, Elijah had to learn how to walk and sit:

“After the surgery, however, Stephens had to get used to some things he didn't expect, like learning how to walk and sit with this new, awkward piece of hardware now suddenly attached to his body. He said he had to get used to the weight of it. He even called upon his brothers at one point to get their input,” reports NJ Advance Media.

"I didn't account for that," he said, laughing.

He’s not quite done however;

In several more months, Stephens said he'll undergo another procedure to receive balloon implants that will allow him to get an erection.

"Life begins after surgery. My life didn't start until this was done. And now I've hit the ground running. The future is really, really bright, “he said.