Video of ‘other woman’ arriving at wedding in wedding dress resurfaces

A groom picks his bride
A groom picks his bride

A video of a man whose ‘side chick’ rocks up to his wedding has once again resurfaced – leaving many users still stunned at the other woman’s bravery.

The video of a man at the altar – which went viral in 2018 but was originally posted on YouTube in 2016 – shows the groom about to marry his bride. Just then the ceremony is abruptly interrupted by another woman who is also dressed in a wedding gown.

In the clip, which was reposted by the Shaderoom, shows one woman who is allegedly ‘the other woman’ making a dramatic entrance at the wedding venue.

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As the groom tries to calm the woman down and stop tempers form flaring, there is an uproar from the wedding attendees which might’ve been as a result of the side chicks’ reaction not to mention her never ending persistence to get to the altar.

Check out the full clip below.