WATCH: Criminals rob citizens of phones at restaurants

PHOTO: Screenshot of video
PHOTO: Screenshot of video

Criminals have found a new way to commit crime. In two videos that emerged on Facebook, unsuspecting diners can be seen falling victim to criminals who are after their cellphones.

In a video, which was posted by Intelligence Bureau SA, a man who’s on a cellphone can be seen walking into a restaurant. The man, dressed in a white shirt, then walks towards a diner who’s also on a phone.

After a few seconds the alleged criminal grabs the diner’s phone and runs towards the exit where a gold car is waiting and it speeds off.

According to the post, the incident happened at RocoMamas (part of the Spur enterprise) in Randburg a week ago.

Speaking to DRUM, communications specialist for the Spur group Moshe Apleni said the incident didn’t happen in RocoMama’s but in a common area.

“Approximately two weeks ago on the outside seating area that forms part of the shopping centre common area, a criminal snatched a cel phone belonging to a patron and ran off with it,” Moshe explained.

“Although this did not happen inside the actual store the centre management, at our request and their stance, have locked the gate to the bottom area thereby limiting access and reducing thoroughfare for more visible security,” Moshe said.

A second video of a similar incident has also emerged. A man walked into a different restaurant and grabbed a patron’s cellphone then ran away.

It isn’t clear whether or not the two incidents are related.

Watch the videos below.