WATCH: Petrol attendant dances like no one is watching!

PHOTO: Sandile Saider Nobhala Puti Facebook
PHOTO: Sandile Saider Nobhala Puti Facebook

Is it possible for anyone to be this excited about their job?

A video has emerged of a BP petrol attendant from Port Elizabeth breaking it down – on the job – and the internet is loving it.

Facebook user Sandile Saider Nobhala Puti uploaded the video on Monday and it has since gained over 300 000 views, and has been shared almost 500 000 times.

In the video, the female petrol attendant can be seen holding onto a car that’s waiting to be refuelled. She then puts her hand on her back and pulls out some of her best moves.

Someone then starts to sing Distruction Boyz's Omunye and it spurs her on even more.

Bystanders are baffled but some cheer her on. The petrol attendant is oblivious as she continues with her solo dance-off.

However, since the video went viral, Sandile speculates she might have lost her job since she was visibly intoxicated and on duty.

“I thought I had a good weekend in PE but before I left, I stopped at a garage and someone made it great. Someone who probably has lost her job now. Watch for yourself,” he captioned the vid.

BP was contacted for comment but they did not respond immediately.

Watch the video here: