WATCH: Vigilantes attack drug dealers in Hillbrow

PHOTO: Screen grab from video
PHOTO: Screen grab from video

A video of vigilantes attacking alleged drug dealers in Berea, Hillbrow, has surfaced on Facebook. According to the footage, the incident took place just before 6am on Wednesday morning.

In the video, which was posted by Intelligence Bureau SA, a white taxi can be seen stopping at a street corner where the alleged drug dealers are. A group of vigilantes then come out of the taxi and approach the alleged drug dealers.

The vigilantes then engage in what looks like an argument with the alleged drug dealers and after a while, the situation becomes violent.

During the attack, three men flee from the scene while the vigilantes destroy their belongings.

DRUM spoke to Sergeant Mduduzi Zondo of Hillbrow Police station, who claimed the video was fake news. “We’ve never had that problem in our area. We do not have such incidents. I do not know where the video was taken but it is definitely not from here,” he said.

But comments from the video, which had over 48 000 views, seem to differ in opinion with the sergeant and people praise the vigilantes for doing a better job than the police.

“Where the f*** is the police? Why are they not involved in solving crimes? Crimes that are ‘hidden’ on a street corner in Hillbrow. Well done to the vigilantes but it is not supposed to be that way. There are appointed, trained and paid police officials who are supposed to be doing this,” wrote Henry van Niekerk on Facebook.

“Police are criminals themselves, police vans park by those corners & you see police chatting to those 'dealers'. It’s a well-organised syndicate – you could even think that the confiscated drugs are pushed by the dealers for the police,” commented Ephraim Busani Mnkandla”

“I used to stay there. The way they do drug dealings there it’s a shame, because there’s always police yet you see no change. My phone was stolen by those guys there. They don't only sell drugs but break into cars and rob people. There are people staying in an abandoned building and we tried all we could to get them removed but no one cares,” said another Facebook user.

Watch the video below