Join the self-service banking age

Banks do more than just protect your money – allowing you to track your spending, build a credit record that will help when you want to buy that dream home and you can conveniently activate debit orders to allow you to pay your accounts without having to walk around with large amounts of money, so it keeps you safe too. Bonus!

In addition to going into your bank, you could make the most of self-service banking channels. This basically refers to alternative banking options at your disposal, allowing you to bank with ease without having to head to a bank branch. And who wouldn’t want to give queues a miss?

Thanks to technology and the digital age, you can now choose to bank at the ATM, or simply get everything done on your laptop or smartphone. It’s a safe, cheaper and convenient alternative – you don’t even have to leave home.

Enjoy the convenience of banking anytime, anywhere with secure browsing, cheaper rates and free inter-account transfers. You can pay your bills, send money transfers, buy prepaid airtime and electricity and check your balances.

What’s more? You don’t have to pay monthly fees for banking online!Just be sure to keep your banking details and PIN safe, as scammers try to acquire your details to make fraudulent purchases.

Scammers constantly try to trick unsuspecting people, so be aware and watch out for more of our tips to help you be more WalletWise. After all, the power to keep your money and personal details safe is in your hands – so stay informed. 



This popular scam – pronounced “fishing” – refers to cyber scammers who try to get your banking details, and use the information to steal your money. Phishing techniques continue to become sneakier, so be extra careful. Don’t share your details or click on links and attachments sent from email addresses you don’t know.


This scam involves criminals who try to acquire your banking details over the phone – the word is a combination of “voice” and “phishing”. The cyber scammers ask you to either update your account or verify information over the phone. This is not standard banking procedure. 

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