BE SUN SMART! Tips for you and your family to stay protected this summer.

Is the sun good or bad?

On the one hand, the sun makes us happy and boosts our body’s vitamin D synthesis, which helps give us strong bones and a healthy glow!

On the other hand, the sun emits ultraviolet rays, which can be harmful and cause permanent skin damage.

There are 3 types of UV rays:

UVC rays are the most dangerous. Luckily for us, the ozone layer stops them from reaching the Earth’s surface.

But UVB and UVA rays aren’t blocked and reach our skin. They cause:

-          Sunburn

-          Premature ageing of the skin (wrinkles and sun spots)

-          Skin cancer

Skin cancer is a reality

Skin cancer occurs when skin cells multiply uncontrollably. Sadly, skin cancer rates have increased steadily in recent years. It’s easy to see why: we spend more and more time in the sun - adults as well as kids. Prolonged sun exposure and sunburn increase the risk of skin cancer.

Yet 90% of skin cancer cases can be avoided just by adopting good habits, especially from an early age!


Make sure you and your family are protected

Watch this video for tips on how to stay safe while outdoors this summer:

Don’t compromise, use quality suncare with proven efficacy

Make sure you use quality suncare products, such as Eau Thermale Avène that tick all the right boxes:

-          Offers the highest broad-spectrum UVA & UVB protection

-          Is photostable - won’t lose efficacy as time passes

-          Is highly tolerated - suitable for even sensitive skin

-          Contains a powerful anti-oxidant to protect your skin against free radicals

Protect your skin, respect the ocean

Did you know that Eau Thermale Avène suncare products contain the least number of chemical sun filters on the market and are silicone-free? This means that they offer the highest protection, yet their formula doesn’t harm marine life.

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