Celebrate with South Africa’s best-loved bacon


Eskort has been bringing home the bacon and they want to share the love (and prizes) with you! We’re gearing up for Bacon Week – 1 to 5 July 2019 – and who better to celebrate with?

They were voted South Africa’s Best Loved Bacon in a recent national survey and Eskort wants to celebrate with us – the loyal bacon fans.

Eskort has your Back, your Shoulder, your Cutts, your Diced and Lean diced – as well as your Streaky, Minced and Round cut bacon too. They’ve proven that Life’s Delicious with Eskort bacon products and thousands have agreed.

Win big with Eskort.

Want to get your hands on R5 000 cash and cool bacon-themed T-shirts up for grabs? All you have to do is head to eskortcompetitions.co.za and vote for your Best Loved Bacon recipe or choose your Best Loved Bacon meme.

If chosen, you’ll get the chance to customise your T-shirt with a selection of 10 different memes in a choice of four different colours – long or short sleeved – valued at R200.

And now there’s even more chances for Drum readers to win! We have five extra custom bacon T-shirt vouchers up for grabs.

To boost your chances, simply go to eskortcompetitions.co.za and vote. Then to stand a chance to win a bonus T-shirt, when asked, “Where did you hear about the competition?” simply scroll down and click Drum as your source for hearing about the competition.

Be sure to celebrate Bacon Week with your favourite meal – and get voting to win awesome prizes with Drum and Eskort.

Eskort Best Loved Bacon prizes can also be won on selected radio stations around South Africa and at Eskort Butcheries. Don’t miss out.