From hero to zero with iNumber Number

PIC: Supplied
PIC: Supplied

Letting the bad guys get away with murder is a thing of the past in Mzansi, as well as on internet-streaming service Showmax. Like socialite Pulane Lenkoe’s shocking public allegations and letting people know that her soccer-star ex-boyfriend Katlego Mphela is a bad guy and beat her, Sdumo Mtshali’s character Chilli is taking on a crime gang in iNumber Number!

But while naming and shaming is okay for situations like Pulane’s, it’s very different in the world of iNumber Number. “Chilli is a good-guy cop,” explains Sdumo. “He’s on a mission to stop this gang that’s terrorising the community.” The actor is reprising his role from the 2014 movie of the same name and initially wasn’t sure he wanted to be in the TV version. “It’s a different setting completely. I wasn’t sure that it would be as action-packed and filled with treachery and drama as the movie, but it’s exceeded my expectations!”

Sdumo isn’t the only famous face getting in on the action – he’s reunited with his movie partner Presley Chweneyagae as Chilli’s cop partner Shoes, as well as fellow soapie star Ronnie Nyakale, who plays corrupt cop Stone. “It’s important to have these characters return because they continue with the theme of the show and add more drama,” says Sdumo.

Just like in real life, the bad guys don’t just sit down when they’re under attack – they fight back. In iNumber Number, “The gang realise that they’ve been tricked by Chilli and that he’s not one of them,” explains the actor. Things happened quickly in the movie, but with Showmax, you can stream or download the entire first season to your device and watch it at your own speed (find out more here).

“I loved making the movie but this series turned out amazing,” adds Sdumo. “We get to develop the characters and take viewers on a ride!” Not that it’s an easy one for Chilli. He is being watched like a hawk by fellow gangster Skroef (Israel Matseke Zulu) who doesn’t like that this newcomer is suddenly the teacher’s pet in their organisation.

“This is a very real representation of the real world,” teases the actor, who says that the cast received training with weapons like guns and machetes. “This is action and drama at its best. There’s blood being spilled, backstabbing, double-crossing… you name it and iNumber Number has it!”

So will Chilli be able to continue his cop work and bring his criminal gang to justice? Or will he succumb to the sweet taste of money that his illegal exploits are bringing him as a criminal? There’s only one way to find out – log into your Showmax account and watch iNumber Number!

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