How to avoid impulse buying


Too much month at the end of your money? Drawing up a budget is the first step to helping you make it through the month – here’s to sticking to it. We’ve all been there – sometimes you just want to spoil yourself or a loved one, but every bit counts.

Because freezing your credit card or hiding it away may be impractical, try these tips to help you avoid that urge to splurge.

Planning makes perfect 

Focus on your needs first – it’s all about making lists and sticking to it. This helps you stay within your budget and you have time to compare prices while focusing on the actual things you need.

Save, shop around and find the best deals out there. Being frugal goes a long way.

Avoid the mall

Got that payday feeling? Try to avoid the mall. Consumeristic rewards make you feel good in the moment, but buyer’s remorse often follows towards the end of the month when you’re scrambling for change for bread or petrol - it happens to the best of us! 

Shopping online isn’t free money 

You may feel like it’s a little gift from you to you, but online shopping can develop into a bad habit. While it could be a good way to save money – and time for some, certain people tend to overspend because you’re in a relaxed environment and don’t feel the money leaving your wallet. Deviations from your budget could lead to debt, so try to stick to what you really need.

Don’t fall for sales

You might be enticed to “stock up” or get that unmissable deal, but it could set you back for the month. Reduced prices often aren’t even as cheap as they seem – despite the red sticker. Often when one product is cheaper, other prices of popular products are hiked up and we all know how quickly “just one thing” turns into a full basket. Try to stick to your budget and don’t buy extras unless they’re needed.

Focus on a goal

Be empowered and take a moment to reflect and curb your enthusiasm to swipe that card. If you’re an avid splurger, try to find the root cause – what makes you want to shop and spend money?

If shopping helps you relax, find another (cheaper) hobby. Planning for a future goal also helps you stay on track. Whether it’s a future holiday or you’re saving up for something you really want, it might be the incentive you need to stop splurging.

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