Kota past9 kotas

The kota (quarter loaf) is a popular street food in many hoods of Gauteng. So popular that Okay Wasabi and Dali Danger created the YouTube KotaPast9 channel with a mission to find the perfect kota. We asked them to show us how to make a kota


4 Eskort Red Viennas

4 Eskort Smoked (or Cheese) Russians

4 slices Eskort French Polony

1 unsliced white bread

oil for deep-frying

500g pre-sliced potato chips

seasoning for chips

4 slices pre-sliced cheese

tomato sauce

Thousand Island dressing

chilli sauce (optional)

1 can mild chakalaka 


  • Cut the bread into 4 quarters.
  • Remove the top part of each quarter and set aside.
  • Deep-fry the chips in the oil.
  • Deep fry the viennas, Russians and polony.
  • Season the chips.
  • Place the fried ingredients in the quartered bread.
  • Add a slice of cheese to each quarter
  • Add the sauces.
  • Place the top part back on the quarter. Enjoy your kota!