Our competition runner-up proved winning is easy with Eskort


The Eskort Family Recipe competition introduced us to a world of flavours and tasty combinations – and while it was delicious, choosing a winner was no easy task.

Ultimately our judges found that bacon really does make everything better and creating a winning dish doesn’t have to mean pulling a rabbit out of a hat. After a last-minute entry by chance, Grace Tembo’s bacon and mushroom pasta recipe won her the second prize!

Grace gushed about why she entered: “A friend of mine knew I loved cooking and bacon equally so she sent me a link to the competition and thought it would be cool if I entered.
I was quite unsure if I could win so I only ended up making my meal and entering two hours before the competition actually closed.”

For sharing her recipe and coming out tops, Grace won a R1 000 Spree voucher as well as a copy of the Eskort 100 years 100 recipes book and a digital subscription to DRUM magazine. Her recipe will also feature in an October issue of DRUM magazine. 

“I really wanted to share my dad’s recipe with the country because it’s my favourite meal and I'm sure other people would enjoy it too,” Grace said on why she shared this particular recipe.

“I honestly wanted to share my love of bacon and cheese – it’s such a great combo.”

What makes her family recipe special? “My dad is a really great cook. From when he was a young man he would make these gourmet meals but when he left home to go study in Scotland he couldn’t really afford to make those fancy meals so he came up with this particular pasta/bacon meal.”

“So now that I’m also in university and away from home, it’s become my go-to meal because he taught me how to make it. I make it for all my friends, who have become my family here in Cape Town, and they love it too. I love bacon so much.” 

Preach! Try Grace’s for yourself.


“Grace Tembo uses diced bacon with mushrooms to make this tasty pasta in a flash,” says food editor Carmen Niehaus.

Serves 3-4
Preparation: 10 MINUTES
Cooking: 15 MINUTES


200g tagliatelle 

250g Eskort diced bacon

15ml (1T) ginger and garlic, crushed

125g selection of mushrooms, sliced

160ml (2/3c) cream

30ml (2T) grated mozzarella cheese

60ml (¼c) chicken stock

Parmesan grated and fresh basil, to serve


1 Cook the pasta according to the packet’s instructions. Drain and set aside.

2 Fry the bacon until light brown. Add the garlic and ginger as well as the mushrooms and fry until e soft.

3 Add the cream and stock and stir until the sauce slightly thickens. As you stir, add the cheese.

4 Add the mixture to your pasta and mix together.

5 Serve with Parmesan and garnish with fresh basil.


The dish is best served hot and the more cheese the better!

How does it feel to be the second runner-up in our cooking competition?
“I came out second out of hundreds of people – that gives me the confidence to better my cooking skills and enter more [competitions]. I am so excited! I couldn’t believe I actually won because some of my friends would tease me and say I can’t cook but look at me now! #mamaimadeit!” Grace said.