Six myths about detoxing busted

Detox with Drum
Detox with Drum

We break down some myths about detoxing

What’s the deal with detoxing? Is it all it’s cracked up to be – and will it be the best option for you? Detoxing has become more of an umbrella term for different ways to try to achieve wellness and weight-loss – and there’s always some new trend to try, so it’s hard to decide what’s best for you.  We break down some of the detox myths:

#Myth: The best way to detox is to cut out solid food

FALSE. Doing a detox doesn’t necessarily mean refraining from food and going on a liquid diet. If you’re trying to lose weight, you can still eat solid food – read on below to learn more about Detox with DRUM.

#Myth: You need to detox your body often to be healthy

FALSE. Your body is designed to detoxify itself, thanks to your liver and kidneys that work to remove toxins from your body. Improving your health entails cutting out unhealthy foods and alcohol, not cutting out entire food groups.

#Myth: Doing a juice cleanse is the best way to lose weight

FALSE. While some people may believe in the power of juicing, it’s not a 100% healthy, permanent alternative. While people feel lighter, you don’t get the precious fibre, protein and natural fats your organs need to function. Most times you’re just losing water weight and it’s not a sustainable solution either. Prepare your food in a healthy way and enjoy all the delicious fruits and vegetables in a tasty meal that will fill you and nourish your body.

#Myth: Celebs love using detox tea because it works!

Your favourite celebrities may endorse all kinds of detox tea varieties on “The ‘Gram”, but it’s often just to make some extra $$$ and share it amongst their online platforms – and not because they rely on it as an actual method to maintain their bodies. And it’s also not some magic tea that slims down your body, it’s the laxative ingredients that get rid of food, fast – before your body absorbs the nutrients. Doesn’t sound very healthy, does it?

#Myth: When you do a detox you’ll be drained and moody

Most times when people detox and cleanse their bodies they’ll find they actually feel really good. The type of detox will determine how long this feeling lasts. Juicing packs your body with healthy fruit and veggies and gives you a quick vitamin boost. Eliminating sugar, alcohol and processed foods and replacing it with plant-based food, fruits and vegetables will leave you feeling energised, clear-headed and much better than your usual diet of chips, bread and fizzy drinks – and the prolonged lifestyle change will leave you feeling great!

#Myth: Detox with DRUM is another quick-fix fast

There are many detoxes out there, and while some people may respond positively to the juices, teas and lemon water diets, it’s not necessarily healthy or the best long-term option. When you hear “Detox with DRUM”, think cleansing your body and lifestyle of unhealthy food options in a way that can complement your lifestyle – and not starving from food altogether. Click here for more on our 4-week expertly designed eating plan that will help you change your body and your lifestyle for the better.

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