Win a stylish watch for him and her

We’re spreading the love with Hallmark watch sets – and winning is easy!

Know your potatoes: what type should you use?

Potatoes are a trusted staple food in many South African homes, yet we don’t always know which type of potatoes is best to use for a particular dish.

And the winner is . . .

Meet Bonolo Kgatle, DRUM’s First Grader competition winner

Your child’s homework: should you help or not?

You arrive home, tired after a long day at work. You have to prepare supper, pack lunchboxes and see to it that their school uniforms are ready and clean for the next day.

Grade 1s win big with Pep

Two million SA students wear Student Prince trousers 5 days a week.

Your little one dreading going back to school on Monday?

There might have been a lot of excitement when your little one went to school for the first time on Wednesday, but the first Monday after the big day is often a completely different matter.

How to deal with an anxious child

If you have a child who’s anxious about school, there are things you can do to prepare them emotionally.

Get your kids organised for the school year!

The school holiday has ended and reality is sinking in – it’s bye-bye beach, hello books.

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